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Playfire trophy card not updating

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In order to provide Playfire gamers the absolute best platform to continue as a community we have migrated Playfire over to Green Man Gaming.Over the course of the coming months we will be adding many of the original Playfire features to our new community platform and some fresh ideas we’re sure you’ll enjoy. ,a way to run emulators on a computer to unlock the trophy Prolific Creators, if you are interested, this is here (Sorry guys but i'm french ^^) : https://v=w7i9e DZIl XU It required some change, because basically an emulator is not detected by a local network, so you have to enable this option, which i have only find on this particular emulator.If you would like a design that is not listed below, then explain it the best you can and a designer may try to make it for you.However this will depend on the complexity of the design you are requesting.We are very grateful to the members of Playfire who choose to move to the new platform and if you are a Playfire veteran you will receive an exclusive Veteran badge on Green Man Gaming and the Playfire profile theme when badges and themes are introduced later this year.Playfire lives on in a new home, and we hope to see you there.

When using the Playfire Vulcan client your activity will update approximately every 10 minutes.

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I went through all 6 devices and filled up the Create a drawing and Create a question.

But if you don't know anything about computer you can't do it by yourself.

Luckily I have 6 devices.....unfortunately, its awful setting it up.